A Summer Afternoon in Amsterdam

A Summer Afternoon in Amsterdam

It is not often that Amsterdam is sunny and dry. But when it so, especially in summers, it is the place to be. You will see everyone in the canals in their private boats just cruising around while having some drinks and snacks. Just the perfect way to relax in the afternoon sun.

Above on the roads besides the canals, you can see people walking or biking around in the perfect weather … while it lasts.. The outside seating on most cafes are full as you can see people catching up with friends over a beer and a loong conversation.

Rain or No Rain – Always Bike

It rains a lot in Amsterdam. Especially in the winter months of December and January. Yes, it does get very windy too. And the days get short. I would call 8 hour days very short. So go to work in the dark, and come back home in the dark. This shot is taken a little...

Colors of Rain – Amsterdam Centraal

“Do you know how to bring rain?”, asked a traveler who has just arrived in Amsterdam. “What?”, replied his Dutch host in surprise. “Many ancient cultures have mythologies about people who can make it rain at will by practising a certain...

Random Designs – Amsterdam

“I wonder who painted this meaningless graffiti on this street, and why?”, said a voice in his head as he drove past the painted wall on his way back home. “Maybe it meant something to the person who painted it.”, said another voice from his...