It is about ‘Seeing’, not about ‘Capturing’ a Photograph

It is about ‘Seeing’, not about ‘Capturing’ a Photograph

Any great photograph which make you stop and wonder its beauty, whether it is a landscape or a street shot, is that way because of the way the photographer decided to frame the shot and never because of the camera and lens he is using. Sure, the camera is important to get the technical aspects of the photograph right – its sharpness, saturation and clarity, but it is just that, a tool to get the technical aspects right so that the photographer can focus on ‘seeing’.

Water and Clouds – Companions of Architecture in Amsterdam

Water and Clouds – Companions of Architecture in Amsterdam

I made this photograph while roaming around in the streets of Amsterdam besides the canals. I was lucky to be carrying my tripod with me that day which allowed to stop and set up base here for around half hour to get this shot. The clouds were just perfect at the time of sunset and the lighting in the city was just beginning to light up as it was getting dark.

Rain or No Rain – Always Bike

It rains a lot in Amsterdam. Especially in the winter months of December and January. Yes, it does get very windy too. And the days get short. I would call 8 hour days very short. So go to work in the dark, and come back home in the dark. This shot is taken a little...

Old or New, Rich in Life

Amsterdam is the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. While on one hand it has preserved its 16th century houses, on the other hand it is certainly not behind with modern skyscrapers and glass buildings which have come up in different parts of the city. Even the...

Colors of Rain – Amsterdam Centraal

“Do you know how to bring rain?”, asked a traveler who has just arrived in Amsterdam. “What?”, replied his Dutch host in surprise. “Many ancient cultures have mythologies about people who can make it rain at will by practising a certain...

Random Designs – Amsterdam

“I wonder who painted this meaningless graffiti on this street, and why?”, said a voice in his head as he drove past the painted wall on his way back home. “Maybe it meant something to the person who painted it.”, said another voice from his...