Scene 1

“Tom, what a relief to get out of office! I can’t wait for the weekend.”

“Oh yes, especially with such a hectic week. Any plans for the weekend? Monday is off, which makes it a long weekend.”

“I haven’t thought about it yet, though my wife has been making plans to go to Brussels. What about you?”

“I am not missing a long weekend. I always wanted to go to Paris on this weekend, but somehow never got the time to book the tickets. You know, with so much work inside.”

“Oh.. So then?”

“No problems. I called up my travel agent a few hours ago. He always get the last minute deals for me. If you want, I can call him up for you too.”

“Wonderful, but let’s get back inside now. We should finish whatever work we can before the weekend.”

Conversations - Moving and Stationary

Conversations – Moving and Stationary

Scene 2

“Yes honey, what is it?”

“I hope you are coming on time today. We don’t want to keep the guests waiting, do we?”

“Oh yeah, that. I just have to finish some last minute things. Should be home in an hour?”

“Try to be early. Sam and his wife should be here anytime now. Did some urgent work came in?”

“Yes, why do people have to finalise their travel plans at the last minute. Now I have to rush to get them train and hotel bookings, and that too at ‘reasonable’ prices. Some bozos just wake up at the last minute. They certainly didn’t announce Easter dates today.”

“Ok, I see. But don’t you dare be late today. ‘My’ friends are coming.”