Amsterdam, Netherlands


What does your city mean to you?

That is a deep question. I have lived in Amsterdam for 35 years now, and I like the fact that you are free to do anything in this city. You can find what you like and enjoy 24 hours of the day. Amsterdam is a very welcoming city and it always has been one. I remember even in the 70s and 80s they used to do a lot of marketing to advertise themselves and make itself attractive to tourists. Today it is a very multi-cultural city with a lot of expats living. Almost every one speaks English here, which is a great advantage. It has been always a trading city, and I think that gives it a global outlook.

Name one city you would like to live in – and why?

I would like to live in Asian cities – because I am a spiritual being and am interested to explore the spirituality of the east. I would love to travel and live in places like Laos, Nepal, and India. I have heard a lot about these countries but never visited them. I have been to Indonesia before, but I would certainly like to explore more of South Asia.